They may not be for long, they may not be every day, but they will make a huge difference. Each space takes a different route to the same fee-good place...

HEAD space.

Easy, accessible and powerful ways to tame your stressed-out mind

Go offline - relax and recharge. Be present, be alive and live with intention.


In HEAD space you will be lead seamlessly into a more peaceful and clear state of being. Escape the over-thinking, over-working mind, dive deep into yourself and emerge with a whole new perspective and understanding of how to be human.


Each HEAD space offers something unique meaning you can gather a mental health toolkit to carry through the rest of your life – holding only what you need.

HEAD space offers life lessons, Guided meditations, mindfulness techniques and innovative methods of giving you the space you need.


Awaken yourself. You are constant. You are continuous. Your energy never ends, only transforms. 


Fill your lungs, clear your mind. Breath Focussed Relaxation & meditations

Breathe – be still – listen – that’s you! You are only ever one deep breath away from calm.


The breath is a powerful tool, used properly it calms the mind, settles the emotions and clarifies the craziest of thoughts.

Who knew there was so many ways to breathe? Breathing space will diffuse your stress, soothe physical stiffness and give you mental composure. It’s a simple and reliable way to lift your spirits, increase your energy and is way better for you than coffee!  


Breathing space is extremely beneficial for those who suffer panic, anxiety, depression and worry. 

HEART space.

Motivate yourself with kindness instead of criticism. Compassion based practices of self-love and gratitude.

Build a strong, healthy relationship with yourself and your body.

Learn to hold yourself in loving kindness when suffering and support yourself when struggling with feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt or fear.

HEART space teaches you how to handle difficult emotions and live from a place of joy, peace and love.

Unlike self-esteem, self-compassion does not depend on being better than you already are – it comes from a true belief that you and your efforts are already enough.

Heart space may involve meditation, journaling and other creative ways to truly transform how it feels to be you. 

BODY space.

Tension melting movement to stretch, open and relax your body.

Creative methods of moving your body and moving your mind.

Release stress and stiffness built in your back, shoulders and hips after long working days. Develop a deeper connection to your body and understand it in a whole new way.

These transformational spaces will melt physical tension and the benefits will appear in your daily life when you least expect it.

Discover a whole new way of being – it will feel great to be you. 


Sleep deeper & restore like never before

Tired, exhausted or unable to sleep?

These proven practices relax you on a cellular level and restore your natural default.

Move deeply into a restorative state to heal, regenerate and re-awaken with clarity. Each session worth 3-5 hours of deep sleep

space FOR MEN

No-Frills grounding to break standard though patterns, increase awareness and focus.


Lift the pressure, lay down the responsibility and leave with focus, clarity and wisdom.


Meditation and mindful techniques in their rawest form to give you an effective toolkit to navigate life a better person.

Space for MEN brings you into the moment without the pressure of needing to do more. Working with expectation and resilience to navigate life in a mindful way rather than an emotionally reactive one.


Transition pain into progress and respect who you truly are and calm your thoughts


In many jobs, men already show high levels of mindfulness; in military work and police academies… Ever got ‘in the zone’ before a sports event, taken a shot at a football net? Controlled your breath before firing a target? This is meditation in its highest form - The difference is that in these situations, feelings/emotions are removed completely from the equation. So men have been trained across the course of their lives for a win/lose outcome. Space for MEN brings the same sense of awareness and teaches you to spread it into everything you do.

space FOR MUMS

Re-balancing energy, melt stress and find natural happiness.  

 Specific practices to re-connect and recharge your batteries.

Mothers sacrifice sleep, personal needs and desires for their kids meaning self-care takes a back seat. Space for mums gives you time to appreciate the total beauty of what you’ve given the world. Remember how powerful, how beautiful and how important you are and put you at the centre of your universe.

When you are calm and happy, your children will feel and reflect those positive feelings. You are a role model, show them you respect yourself and they will too. 

SECRET space.

If you know... You know...Seek out secret peaceful pop-ups.

Secret spaces can pop up anywhere, any time. Secret spaces aren’t advertised online and are sent via email to space Subscribers.

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Once you've experienced spaces powerful effects including deleted stress, increased productivity, finding more purpose in life and becoming calmer, healthier and happier - you will be hooked.

Everything you need and nothing you don't.

All you need to do is book YOUR space and show up.

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