s p a c e




A brand-new concept- space is West Cumbria’s School of Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness. With Pop-Up Events, Experiences and Workshops
Whether its HEAD space, BREATHING space or BODY space; there’s an innovative range of experiences to give you the space you need.
Space is an antidote to modern day living and it doesn’t require sitting under a banyan tree or five hours of silence. It gives you chance to relax, recharge and re-discover how to be human.
Across the course of life were exposed to a manual for almost everything except how to live in our own body, manage our own thoughts, emotions and feelings yet were subject to them more than anything else.
Space helps you become the expert of your inner world, supercharge your mood, health, career and life.
Its simple – powerful and way better for you than coffee.
Spaces will be announced online and will appear in your mornings, mid-days, evenings, weekdays and weekends, some on the day to surprise you, some in advance to look forwards to.
Every space takes a different route to the same mindful place. Some are general, some have specific themes. They fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Show up  in sweat pants or suits, everything you need will be at the location.
Simply book them online as they pop-up.
Your body is your laboratory, it’s time for you to experiment, listen and learn. Press pause on your day, cultivate calm and continue in a happier, clearer and more productive way.
Whether you wish to meditate or simply unwind, you will leave each space able to hear yourself again.
Space is the UK’s first of its kind. Follow us and join the revolution. 

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